Being Me: A Pride month PSHE event for KS2

Hackney Picturehouse. Tuesday 4th June 2024 10:30 – 12:30, Sc1

Celebrate Pride Month through this PSHE event exploring our individuality and encouraging pupils to be proud of the diversity within our communities.

This PSHE event takes pupils through a series of short films to explore what makes us all different. We will touch on some of the legally 'protected characteristics', specifically: race, sex, disability and sexual orientation and, through examples of characters in short films, discuss why we should celebrate what makes us unique. Pupils will have a chance to share their opinions, to think about what they are proud of and to feel empowered to be themselves.

Tickets are £6 per student, free for accompanying teachers on a 1:10 ratio. Additional teachers will be charged at £6 per ticket.

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Additional Information

This screening is hosted by Picturehouse and run by the BFI. For any queries on the content or suitability, please email [email protected]Please note we're unable to offer these events on a different day or time and that you are likely to be sharing the screen with classes from other schools.

No snacks will be sold or allowed into the screenings, as we want to avoid any disruptions to the event.

Payment needs to be made via cash, card, or cheque on the day of the event.

Cancellation policy: Schools may cancel or change numbers (subject to availability), if they let us know more than two weeks before the event. If for any reason we have to cancel the event we offer a full refund but we cannot reimburse for any travel costs.

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