The Vinyl Revival + Q&A

Director: Pip Piper
Duration: 90 min

The Vinyl Revival explores the renaissance in all things vinyl. We hear from passionate new record shops owners as well the established die-hards still going and thriving. We speak with musicians and music industry pundits, experts on culture and music history. The film discusses the importance of the record shop and vinyl as a whole. We answer the why’s of vinyl’s revival, the human need for belonging, the love of history, and the stories of how the humble little record shop has shaped so many lives.

Contributors include: Philip Selway (Radiohead), Jen Otter Bikerdike (Rock and Roll Historian), Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) and Ade Utley (Portishead)

Each screening will be followed by a Q&A.

Club and Group screenings

Wed 24th Jul 20.30 + Q&A with Pip Piper and Philip Selway : The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Pip Piper and musician Philip Selway from Radiohead. Picturehouse Docs: Bringing you the best in new and topical documentaries covering issues around the world.

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