The Sense Of An Ending

Duration: 108 min

Director: Ritesh Batra.

Starring: Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling, Michelle Dockery, Harriet Walter. UK 2017. 108 mins.

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there”, wrote L. P. Hartley. It’s a sentiment retired divorcee Tony Webster (Broadbent) might subscribe to, were he not preoccupied with managing his camera shop, attending antenatal classes with his daughter (Dockery) and having amicable lunches with his ex-wife (Walter). One day, however, the past comes knocking in the form of an inheritance: a former schoolmate’s diary left to him inexplicably by the mother of an old girlfriend. On his quest to recover it, Tony is forced to revisit his flawed recollections of his past, and piece together the fragments of a student romance and its painful aftermath. Based on Julian Barnes’ novel of the same name, The Sense Of An Ending is a perceptive study of love, family and friendship.

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