Seoul Station + Train to Busan Double-Bill

Duration: 205 min

Join us for a zombie-laden double bill of message-driven horror flicks from Korean director Sang-ho Yeon. First up is Seoul Station, the animated prologue to high-speed horror Train To Busan that charts the dawn of the undead epidemic.

As the sun sets around Seoul Station, an old man thought to have died sinks his teeth into the warm flesh of a homeless person. Soon, the streets are filled with vicious zombies desperate to feed. Hae-sun, a runaway, witnesses the frightening sight while her father and boyfriend desperately search for her. As the attacked become the attackers, the government declares a lockout of the station. With zombie numbers exploding, the survivors are forced to flee with no place to go.

In Train To Busan, a father and his daughter are making the 270-mile HST journey from Seoul to see her mother in Busan. But there are hints of worker unrest – which, it soon transpires, is not unconnected with a zombie virus outbreak. This flesh-eating thriller ramps up the claustrophobia by being set aboard the train, while digital trickery, old-school make-up and ingenious stunts keep the tension acute. Eurostar was never like this.

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