I Am Not Madame Bovary

Duration: 139 min

Director: Xiaogang Feng. Starring: Bingbing Fan, Chengpeng Dong, Wei Fan. China 2016. 139 mins. Mandarin with English subtitles.

Superstar actress Bingbing Fan and director Xiaogang Feng reunite 14 years after their hit comedy Cell Phone for a caustically comic fable that lampoons China’s unforgiving bureaucracy. Li (Fan) is a modest provincial café proprietor who stages a fake divorce with her husband Qin in order to claim an apartment only available to singletons. But instead of re-marrying her afterwards as planned, Qin weds someone else and gets the apartment, leaving Li homeless and bitter. She files a lawsuit, but her repeated protests are stonewalled by an increasingly unsympathetic legal system. When Qin goes one step further and defames her, Li heads to Beijing in pursuit of justice, determined to take her case to the very top: the National People’s Congress.

Contains infrequent moderate sex references, references to suicide.

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