Wild at Heart and Weird on Top

Wild at Heart and Weird on Top”: The Films of David Lynch

‘If cinema is a drug, then in the special section of its pharmacological spectrum reserved for the hallucinogens, sit the movies of David Lynch’ – Indiewire.

David Lynch’s reputation as the King of Cult rests on just ten films plus a handful of shorts, music, paintings, and, of course, the monumental TV show Twin Peaks (which returns for its third season this year). In this four week course we take a peek into the weird world of modern cinema’s greatest visionary.

Join us for an in-depth look at Lynch’s filmography, with each session including a presentation/lecture followed by a tutorial where discussion is encouraged. Advance viewing is optional; select scenes and montages will be shown during weekly sessions.

Course tutor Jon Towlson is a film critic for Starburst Magazine and the author of Subversive Horror Cinema: Countercultural Messages of Films from Frankenstein to the Present (McFarland, 2014); Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Constellations) (Auteur/Columbia University Press, 2016) and The Turn to Gruesomeness in American Horror Films, 1931-1936 (McFarland, 2016)

General admission screenings

Tue 4th Apr

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