Sweet Dreams

Director: Marco Bellocchio.
Starring: Bérénice Bejo, Valerio Mastandrea, Guido Caprino. Italy/France 2016. 131 mins. Italian with English subtitles.

Believing that his beloved mother’s death when he was just nine years old was due to a heart attack, Massimo (Mastandrea, My Class) has grown up with his cold-hearted father (Caprino) to become a revered but emotionally disengaged journalist. Legendary Italian director Marco Bellocchio (Fists In The Pocket, My Mother’s Smile) returns to his favourite theme of broken families in this complex and thoroughly engrossing drama. Played as a youth in flashback by two wonderfully expressive newcomers, Nicolò Cabras and Dario Dal Pero, Massimo finally receives the understanding he needs to shed his carapace thanks to Elisa (Bejo, The Past, Populaire), the perfect foil for his deeply buried despair. Filmed largely in sepia tones that heighten its many, sometimes shocking twists, Sweet Dreams is a quietly confident masterpiece.

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Sun 26th Mar 10.45 Discover Tuesdays: Discover stunning cinema. Whether it's a cult classic, an art-house gem or a riveting documentary, there will always be a chance to see something different and brilliant in our weekly slot. Subtitled: This show is in the original language and will have English subtitles

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