Clara Cantore

Duration: 180 min

Clara Cantore is a young musician from Argentina with broad musical training.

Singer, guitarist, bassist and composer.

At just 29 years of age, she has already spent years studying with influential teachers in Argentina, Germany and Spain.

She has released two albums and done several tours, sharing travels, stages and experiences with artists she admires.

Though her music is firmly rooted within the context of Argentine and Latin American folk music, there is also a strong influence of tango, flamenco and classical music, as a result of her extensive training and musical curiosity.

Besides, work by great folk singers and songwriters have inspired her in their reflection on cultural issues, social conflict and their ability to convey the beauty of the folk while also raising a counter cultural spirit, giving voice to the oppressed and, sometimes, to marginalized cultures.

In her Europe 2018 tour she will be sharing a solo set that travels around a wide repertoire of Argentinian, Latin American folklore and her own compositions.

Club and Group screenings

Sun 27th May 20.00 Basement Bar: Live events venue below City Screen hosting live music, comedy & arts

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