Pokemon Detective Pikachu 2D

Director: Rob Letterman
Starring: Justice Smith, Ryan Reynolds
Duration: 104 min

The world of Pokémon comes to life in the popular franchise’s first live-action adventure. The ever-irreverent Ryan Reynolds voices Detective Pikachu, a wisecracking super-sleuth who teams up with 21-year-old Tim (Justice Smith) to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Harry Goodman, Tim’s dad and Pikachu’s human partner. Together they chase clues through the neon-lit streets of Ryme City, a sprawling metropolis where humans and Pokémon live side by side.

“For Pokémon fans, a huge part of the appeal of any live-action treatment of the series would have been seeing its 8-bit menagerie take photoreal form. In this respect Detective Pikachu is an eye-boggling triumph, with gorgeously realised creatures that sit seamlessly in their real-world surroundings” – Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

8.0/10 2 ratings.

Club and Group screenings

Sat 3rd Aug 11.00 Kids' Club: Exclusively for children and their parents or carers. Unaccompanied adults are not admitted.

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