Victoria - Northern Ballet (2019)

Duration: 136 min

This expressive new work, created for Northern Ballet, tells the story of Queen Victoria from the perspective of her youngest daughter and lifelong companion, Princess Beatrice. In a multi-layered narrative ballet, choreographer Cathy Marston (the acclaimed Jane Eyre, also for Northern Ballet) traces the life of the queen/wife/mother through chapters of passion and tragedy as Beatrice transcribes her mother’s intimate diaries. Going back in time from Victoria’s deathbed, the princess relives her memories of her mother as a secluded widow before discovering her anew through her challenging relationship with her own mother, the Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. Beatrice also discovers the truth about her parents’ marriage and her mother’s ambiguous relationship with John Brown as well as revisiting political events such as the Opium Wars and the Great Exhibition. The ballet has a score commissioned from Philip Feeney and is a co-production between Northern Ballet and The National Ballet of Canada.

Club and Group screenings

Tue 25th Jun 18.15 Screen Arts.

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