The Australian Ballet: Spartacus (2019)

Duration: 133 min

If you thought ballet was all fairytales and tutus, think again. This one’s about the Roman Empire in 71 BC when the Thracian Spartacus led a rebellion of gladiators and slaves against his overlords in Rome. It was an epic, doomed uprising, and this twentieth-century Russian ballet is filled with scenes of marching battalions, mortal combat and heroic death. The arresting choreography features astonishing leaps, spread-eagled limbs, flying fists and twisting torsos. It makes for compelling, powerful theatre. The composer Aram Khachaturian originally wrote the music to curry favour with the Soviet regime in 1954 and the work was awarded the Lenin Prize. Now, in the Australian ballet and Lucas Jervias’s much acclaimed 2018 version, a Soviet museum piece of propaganda becomes a living classic. With beautiful designs by Jerome Kaplan.

Club and Group screenings

Wed 8th May 19.45 Screen Arts.

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