The Jungle Bunch

Director: David Alaux.
Voices: Kirk Thornton, André Gordon, Cam Stance. France 2017. 97 mins.

This kids’ animation is a colourfully bonkers mix of Kung-Fu Panda, Madagascar and The Jungle Book. Our hero is Maurice, who, although he may look like a penguin, is a great tiger warrior inside, with grand dreams of being a kung-fu master and ruling wisely. However Igor the evil koala is on a mission to destroy the jungle with his dastardly band of silly baboons. Maurice and his friends – a goldfish, a tarsier and a gorilla – will have to team up with the Champions, mythical defenders of the jungle, long before the appointed time in order to preserve peace and justice. In the course of the struggle we come to understand Igor’s past, and Maurice’s origins and complicated relations with his mother, Natacha the tigress. Adapted from a hit French-American CGI cartoon series, which aired on Boomerang over here.

General admission screenings

Sun 24th Sep

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