Sci-Fi London 2019: Zoo-Head

Director: Navin Dev
Duration: 80 min

World Premiere

Charlie is a zoo-head, a slang term given to junkies addicted to a powerful hallucinogenic that has memory munching side-effects. Squatting in a foetid apartment and existing on benefits, Charlie is a mess, and it is about to get worse. The Social Service is forcing the long-term unemployed to under-go radically experimental treatment to get them ‘normalised’; the only danger would be to zoo-heads. Charlie gets called in and lies about his situation, and so begins his treatment.

With the aesthetic of TRAINSPOTTING and the weirdness of GROUNDHOG DAY, this is a strong debut from Dev. Great performances and a great soundtrack to boot.

Screening following by a Q&A with the cast and director.

Club and Group screenings

Mon 20th May 18.30 Sci-Fi London. Festival.

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