You Cry Wolf + Guests

Duration: 180 min

‘Is all that we see or seem
but a dream within a dream?’

Following the sellout fringe 2015 success of their debut show 'A Fresh Start (for Peter Russo)', winners of the first Brighton Music Award for 'Best Song' and the O2 'Think Big' bursary, You Cry Wolf, are back with the same inventive new take on live music performance, and a new immersive story to add to their all-encompassing live show. A new fantasy to lose yourself inside - this time You Cry Wolf have created a lurid dream-world, a hallucination comprised of fragments of a waking-life reordered into dreamy irreality, with their latest multi-sensory narrative 'ONLY GOD'.

Taking you upon a vivid journey inside the dreaming mind, 'ONLY GOD' marks an exploration of the significance of dreams and their effectiveness as tools for introspective self-discovery. As we are prone to futilely create meaning from our dreams, so too is the audience encouraged to create their own conclusions from the fragments of the story provided in its performance. Making use of pithy and surreal lyrics, sensational abstract imagery and fresh emotive rock-music, You Cry Wolf invite the audience to take centre-stage as they are transported inside the narrative, to see through the eyes and into the soul of the sleeping protagonist.

There is no stage, no spot light; You Cry Wolf have created a window into their music and inside their protagonists' fictions, where human experience and narrative supersede traditional performance convention, where concept and character-construction form the all-consuming conditions for this music-based escapade to unfold.

“I’m thinking of the days when people will be able to have this little room, a total audio-visual environment type of thing. So that you can go in there and lay back, and the whole thing just blossoms with colour and sound” - Jimi Hendrix

The video piece for the projections in ONLY GOD has been specifically commissioned for the show and created by Agathe Barré –

The visuals for 'A Fresh Start (for Peter Russo)' by Jacek Zmarz who has worked with a number of prominent acts including Polar Bear on their 'Be Free' video

Set design by 'Moonstone'

'Seeking a different approach to the prescribed audience-artist dynamic, this might be unlike any live music performance you have ever experienced.' The New Current

'The band drifts between sparkling intelligent-pop and solo-driven rock...melded with their infectious jazz cadences and rhythms.' - Line of Best Fit

Tickets: £5
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Please note: After 8pm, the Upstairs bar is for over 18's only.

Club and Group screenings

Mon 23rd Apr 20.00 Upstairs at the Ritzy.

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