Word Up: From Ghetto to Mecca + Black Wax

Duration: 240 min

Jazz re:freshed Film Club presents: 'Word Up: From Ghetto to Mecca' + 'Black Wax'.

Word Up brings together Gil Scott-Heron, Jalal Nuriddin of The Last Poets, and Benjamin Zephaniah to discuss the origins the rap music and spoken word in the context of Black culture. Told from the perspective of Gil Scot’s protégé, poet Malik Al-Nasir tracks back through his personal journey, delving into the influences on his work and his relationship with Gil Scott.
2011, Shirani Sabratnam

Centered around his 1982 show in Washington DC with the ‘Midnight Band’, Black Wax delves into the mind and philosophy of Gil Scott-Heron as he delivers a city tour of the nation’s Capital.
1983, Robert Mugge

Sunday 14 April
Doors 1.00, film 1.30 sharp.
Tickets: £8
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Jazz re:freshed aims to broaden the traditional definition of jazz and make jazz music more accessible to a wider audience breaking down cultural barriers and introducing new and young audiences to the spectrum of Jazz and Jazz influenced music.. The Jazz re:freshed Film Club extends and translates this objective into showcasing a variety of music and culture-related features and documentaries, celebrating and spotlighting important cultural movements, moments and musicians.

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