Spark Storytelling Open Mic: 'Cutting Corners'

Spark London Storytelling Open Mic
Theme: ‘Cutting Corners’
"Somewhere between a stand-up night without the jokes and an AA meeting without the alcoholics - though both are theoretically welcome." - The Evening Standard

Have you taken the easy option, a short-cut, a bodged fix that you came to regret or learn from? We have all made choices about the best route to take in life and the most direct path is not always the best. Or is it? Have you spent a lifetime successfully shaving corners and getting away with it?

Come along to listen or tell your story on “Cutting Corners” in the warm safe space we create at Spark that makes it easy to share anything with a group of strangers.

As always, remember: the stories have to be true and have happened to you.

8pm - 11pm (doors 7.30)// £5 entry

Visit: Spark London online

Visit: Upstairs Facebook Page

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Mon 15th May 20.00 Upstairs at the Ritzy.

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