Spark London Storytelling Open Mic: 'Parties'

Duration: 180 min

Spark London Storytelling Open Mic

Theme: 'Parties'

‘Tis the season to paaaaarty…

Office parties, Christmas drinks, NYE shindig, house parties, school days parties, clubbing, fitness raves. Labour, Green, Tory, US Midterms even. Do you have an excellent party story or an excellent story about a party.

Come party with us on Monday December 17th as our audience. Or if you have a story, tell us about your hosting dreams and nightmares or the most horrific and terrific things that’ve happened to you or you have done at a party. Share with us the party no one came to, the one you thought you had forgotten. We’ll be there to share the pain, the laughs and maybe the fury.

Doors 7.30pm
Stories from 8pm
Tickets: £5

Visit: Upstairs Facebook Page

Club and Group screenings

Mon 17th Dec 20.00 Upstairs at the Ritzy.

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