Spark London Storytelling Open Mic: 'Getting Lost'

Duration: 180 min

Spark London Storytelling Open Mic

Theme: "Getting Lost"

When have you been lost? We have all taken a wrong turn in life and found ourselves somewhere where the exits are not marked. A job, a relationship, maybe a course at college. When did you realise that you were lost and how did you navigate your way out of the situation?

Or maybe you have been physically lost. Wandering around in some unfamiliar place trying to find a way through. Lost in the wilderness, in a strange building or on the way to an appointment. Or do you you get lost in places you know well?

Come along and tell us about a time when you felt lost. Or listen to others tell their stories.

Spark open-mic evenings involve inviting members of the audience to tell a true personal story from their life of about 5 minutes in length. We create a warm friendly environment that makes it easy for anyone to get up on stage and share something from their lives.

Doors 7.30pm, show from 8pm // Tickets: £5

Visit: Upstairs Facebook Page

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Mon 19th Mar 20.00 Upstairs at the Ritzy.

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