School Of Roars: Bestest Friends

Duration: 35 min

We welcome the wondeful School Of Roars to the Toddler Time family this January!

Going to school for the first time is one of the biggest things you'll do in your life. You're away from home, fitting in with routines and learning so many new things ... whilst also getting along with a class full of new friends. It's exciting, but a massive change!

SCHOOL OF ROARS helps children prepare for school life by exploring a child's first year through the relationships and experiences of our mini monsters.

Because they're monsters, our little heroes go to school at night, led by teacher Miss Grizzlesniff. The class learn lessons on how to be monsters, like counting the legs on spiders in maths, how to howl at the moon in music, or making delicious Blushberry Blob Cakes in cookery. Our monsters experience life-lessons through their adventures such as caring, sharing, friendship and fun, mirroring the social and emotional behaviour and group dynamics of our audience who are starting school.

For our very first Toddler Time programme with School Of Roars, we are delighted to feature the following episodes:

Meepa meets a friendly froggy in the nature garden and decides to keep it as a pet. But she quickly learns that looking after a bouncy, croaky, hungry frog is not easy.

Wingston’s Daddy is running late and whilst all the other little monsters head home for slime shake and games with their Mummy’s and Daddy’s, a woeful Wingston helps Miss Grizzlesniff fill the goo pit… until he hears a sound coming from the dragon egg tank. Wingston’s friends won’t believe what they’ve missed.

Wufflebump and Yummble have always been best friends, but when Yummble helps Meepa draw her monster portrait in art class, the pair hit it off and start doing everything together. Wufflebump feels very left out, can Miss Grizzlesniff show him you don’t need just one best friend, you can have many!

Miss Grizzlesniff has a bad case of the sniffles so Mr Marrow steps in to teach the class. He soon discovers how tricky teaching lots of different subjects can be and gets in an almighty muddle. With each lesson turning into a disaster, can he find his own special way to help the little monsters learn?

It’s Monster Book Day and the monsters have dressed up as their favourite storybook characters. But Icklewoo is sad. She doesn’t like her silly, frilly Cinderella dress. Can Wufflebump come to her rescue and turn her into the stinkiest Cinderella in storyland?

Club and Group screenings

Sun 3rd Feb 11.00 Toddler Time: Exclusively for preschool children and their parents or carers.
Thu 7th Feb 11.00 Toddler Time: Exclusively for preschool children and their parents or carers.

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