Princes Amongst Men Ft. The London Gypsy Orchestra

The London Gypsy Orchestra was formed in 2004 around a mixed group of musicians who share a love of music from the Roma tradition alongside a variety of East European music forms. With contemporary arrangements and orchestrations as well as more conventional approaches to playing various styles of Gypsy music, the band romp through tunes and songs from Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, Egypt and elsewhere. Numbering up to 40 members, tonight's concert will see a slimmed down, dozen strong orchestra rocking the Ritzy in a Roma rubadub style. Come and wash away the Brexit blues with inspired people and sensational pro-European, anti-bigot music.

With Garth & Leon DJ-ing music from Europe's ragged frontiers.


Free Entry

Visit: The London Gypsy Orchestra website.

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Sun 30th Apr 19.30 Upstairs at the Ritzy. Free Event.

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