Migration Collective Screening: ‘Oriented’

Migration Collective present the screening of 'Oriented', a feature documentary by Jake Witzenfel that follows the lives of three gay Palestinian friends confronting their national and sexual identity in Tel Aviv. The screening, followed by a Q&A with film-maker and members of cast [tbc], will mark the 'International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia' (17 May).

Migration Collective is an organisation aiming to challenge the current narrow rhetoric on migration through the intersection of art, academia and action.

Doors 12.30pm, film 1pm.

Tickets: £4

To know more about the event and Migration Collective please visit the page: www.migrationcollective.com
Visit: Upstairs Facebook Page

Please note: After 8pm, the Upstairs bar is for over 18's only.

Club and Group screenings

Sat 20th May 12.30 Upstairs at the Ritzy.

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