Jazz re:freshed: Ornette: Made in America

Duration: 240 min

Jazz re:freshedfilm club presents: Ornette: Made in America + The Cry of Jazz and Shorts from Renata Cherlise.

Ornette: Made in America
1985, Shirley Clarke
A look at one of the most influential and iconic figures in modern music and one of the pioneers of the Free Jazz movement that tore up the music rulebook. Through a combination of real footage, dramatic scenes and interviews with great names from inside and outside of Jazz, Shirley Clarke’s film follows Ornette Coleman’s story from its beginnings in the segregated deep South, to his emergence as a musical giant.

The Cry of Jazz
1959, Edward Bland
Music and socio-politics amalgamate in ‘The Cry of Jazz’. Taking place as a series of discussions between various jazz enthusiasts, The Cry of Jazz explores the connection between culture, socio-politics and Jazz, and has been credited with foreshadowing the urban riots of the 60’s and 70’s. It is also regarded as one of the first African-American independent films and has since been preserved by the Library of National Congress.

Renata Cherlise explores the interdependencies between Jazz and African-American struggle in a contemporary setting, through a series of shorts highlighting both the visceral and literal connections.

Black Like Her' | Featuring Constance Strickland | Produced by Constance Strickland and Renata Cherlise.

'Dear Nina' | Featuring Constance Strickland | By Renata Cherlise | Written by Renata Cherlise, Constance Strickland, and onceuponapoet.

'Black Superman' | By Renata Cherlise | Edited by Russell Hamilton.

'Atlanta: Darker Than Blue' | By Renata Cherlise | Edited by Russell Hamilton.

Sunday 10 Feb
Doors 1.00, film 1.30 sharp.
Tickets: £8
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Jazz re:freshed aims to broaden the traditional definition of jazz and make jazz music more accessible to a wider audience breaking down cultural barriers and introducing new and young audiences to the spectrum of Jazz and Jazz influenced music.. The Jazz re:freshed Film Club extends and translates this objective into showcasing a variety of music and culture-related features and documentaries, celebrating and spotlighting important cultural movements, moments and musicians.

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