Green Heart Films: ‘Blue In Focus’ Premiere + Q&A

Green Heart Films has been primarily focused on our planet’s equatorial rain-forested regions and over the last ten years they have been filming within the Congo basin, Borneo in South East Asia and the Amazon in Latin America. The primary aim has been the creation of educational documentaries on the need to protect our endangered and biodiverse rainforests against poaching and the ever growing threat from mining and deforestation. They are driven with a passion and the belief that we can and must make a difference

Many of the documentaries have been filmed and edited in Kenya where the film-maker Steve Oliver Taylor continues to work on promoting sustainable environmental subjects.

For this event, Green Heart Films will be presenting two documentaries and their latest documentary Blue In Focus, which will be followed by a Q&A session with the film-maker and director Steve Oliver Taylor.

The documentaries featured at this Ritzy screening include:
Africa Troubled Heart; a documentary that looks at the origins of the recent Ebola crisis in West Africa.
Pembe Ya Ndovu; a documentary film that follows the illegal trade in ivory from the heart of Africa to the streets of Asia, in cities such as Bangkok and Hong Kong.
Blue In Focus will have its official launch at this event as their latest film. This documentary looks at the need to conserve our planet's marine resources and has been filmed over the last two years across the Indian Ocean, Oceania and the South Atlantic.

12pm - 3pm
Tickets: £8

Green Heart Films are presently working on a new documentary entitled Migrant; a film that looks at the reason why Africans risk their lives to reach Europe, and seeks to give a human face to the lives and the stories of migrants. Check their website for more information on their other work:

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Please note: After 8pm, the Upstairs bar is for over 18's only.

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Sun 24th Sep 12.00 Upstairs at the Ritzy.

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