Gallery Launch: Puzzlebeats -Eleanor & Nick Wemyss

by Eleanor & Nick Wemyss

Puzzlebeats presents a collaboration between artist Eleanor Wemyss, and furniture designer Nick Wemyss. Working in response to the process’ used by music producer and DJ Johnny Fever.

Johnny Fever produces tracks taken from 1970’s and 80s RnB and Hiphop, cutting and manipulating then piecing back together samples from iconic tunes of the time. He describes the process as having ‘unlimited possibilities.’

Nick Wemyss a talented musician in his own right came in to bridge the gap between the visual and the sound. He immerses himself in this world sometimes contributing to Johnny Fever’s tracks when needed. Both Nick and Johnny Fever have an unlimited amount of admiration for this period of music, encompassing the style and graphics that go with the music.

Eleanor Wemyss’ practice is cross industry collaboration, using the medium of illustration and mark-making to illustrate what is generally perceived as unreachable, opening this methodology up to a wider audience and exposing them to the secrete intricacies behind the process.

Puzzlebeats presents a series of grid panels, representing the equipment used by Johnny Fever, the MPC2500, with intervening samples from album covers and corresponding illustrations in response to the elements cut and manipulated back into the new tunes. The work responds to a series of beats produced by Johnny Fever during his brief period of residence in New York in 2016.

Puzzlebeats opens on May 2nd from 7-11pm, with Johnny Fever doing a full set of RnB and Hiphop from the 1970s and 80s. Come along for a dance and a drink. Arrive for 8pm to hear the direct corresponding tunes to Eleanor and Nick Wemyss’ drawing installation, a chance to chat to the artist, designer and DJ.

Free entry.

Exhibition runs: Tuesday 2nd May - Thursday 1st June.

Visit: Upstairs Facebook Page

Club and Group screenings

Tue 2nd May 19.00 Upstairs at the Ritzy. Free Event.

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