Folk Modern: Hickory Signals + Jacob March + More

A monthly night of acoustic acts. There is no specific genre to the music they host but it is generally original, honest, thought-provoking and always good. The acts are handpicked and curated by compere and performer Steve Folk. Every effort goes into ensuring that the audience is a listening one so you can really appreciate the sincerity of the music.

Hickory Signals
Both multi-instrumentalists, Laura Ward and Adam Ronchetti accompany strong vocal melodies with guitar, shruti, flute, glockenspiel and a variety of percussion, layering sounds carefully and minimally to atmospheric effect. Laura and Adam are joined regularly in the studio and on the stage by the skills and strings of violinist, Tom Pryor. Together they create a unique live sound and as such Hickory Signals is enjoying a busy performance schedule and a growing following.

Jacob March
"A poetic lyricist and a fantastic guitarist – a deadly and quite frankly unusual combination." - We Love Brighton

8pm - 11pm.
Visit: Upstairs Facebook Page

Club and Group screenings

Mon 6th Nov 20.00 Free Event. Upstairs at the Ritzy.

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