Folk Modern: Ft. The Glass Mountains + Guests

For London country-soul band The Glass Mountains it was always going to be about two things – country and soul. The band’s name refers to the London skyline and acknowledges that while their hearts are in country their feet are firmly in the city.

Their music is also a reflection of country’s diversity and by fusing their own individual influences and tastes, the trio have found a path they can successfully navigate, but one that can be difficult to define as simply “country”.

Based south of the river, the band’s songs are just as likely to feature inner city life as dirt roads and pickup trucks and if a song sounds more R’n’B than Tennessee then that’s just fine.

Plus four more incredible support acts and your host Steve Folk.

8pm - 11pm

Visit: Upstairs Facebook Page

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Thu 5th Oct 20.00 Free Event. Upstairs at the Ritzy.

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