Chris Clavin: All We Got Is Each Other

Chris Clavin plays guitar, sings and writes songs for the iconic American folk punk band Ghost Mice, and has also recorded and performed solo work as Captain Chaos. Chris is the founder of Plan-it-X Records, the seminal record label that has released music from AJJ (Andrew Jackson Jihad), This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Ramshackle Glory, Martha and many, many more. He has written two books on life in the punk community ("Free Pizza for Life" and "Cursed in Cairo.") On this special occasion, he will be singing a selection of songs and telling stories that roughly address themes of mental health in the punk community.

Evans the Death will also be performing. Evans the Death is an English six-piece band that filters their pop sensibilities through an art-damaged post punk lens. Formed in London in 2011 and a fixture on the British live scene for years, their newest record, Vanilla, was released by Fortuna Pop! in 2016 and is an aggressive and adventurous exploration of sound and words. Firmly established as a key part of the modern U.K. post punk movement, Evans the Death has been described by Rolling Stone magazine as "raw emotion [that] injects paralysis with weird power;" and by Q magazine as "manag[ing] to make humdrum everyday existence sound quite magical." Evans the Death will be performing a stripped-back, quieter set for this unique day show.

This show is a fundraiser for the London-based organization Punk4MentalHealth. Punk4MentalHealth focuses on the punk community and spearheads medical research regarding matter of coping with mental health issues, specifically those existing in the punk community, including those arising from physical disabilities. Ultimately, the organization seeks to understand those who are suffering, and help to improve the quality of their lives and reduce disenfrachisement from access and appropriate treatment both within and outside the mental health system.

Show: 4pm - 6pm

Tickets: £10 (limited capacity)

Visit: Plan-It-X Records on Facebook.
Visit: Upstairs Facebook Page

Please note: After 8pm, the Upstairs bar is for over 18's only.

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Sat 1st Apr 16.00 Upstairs at the Ritzy.

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