Art Gallery Launch - The Freeborn Exchange

Beginning in November 2011 by travelling 14 countries in 12 months, The Freeborn Exchange is an ongoing project focusing on Brixton based Irish self-taught portrait and documentary photographer Gavin Freeborn's world travels. He exchanges portrait and documentary photography and often social media promotion for fellow independent businesses, for accommodation, objects, stories, hospitality and more. Freeborn has since made the project in a total of 26 countries, as well as on a day to day basis in London, including with Brixton Pound, where for example he photographed Brixton landmarks used on notes, in return for a collectors edition set of Brixton Pounds. He continues this organic form of exchange and features it across his social media. See more on and his TEDx Talk and feel free to get in contact and propose an exchange.

Exhibition runs: 7th - 19th November

7.30 - 11pm

Free entry

Visit: Upstairs Facebook Page

Please note: After 8pm, the Upstairs bar is for over 18's only.

Club and Group screenings

Tue 7th Nov 19.30 Free Event. Upstairs at the Ritzy.

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