Art Gallery Launch: Dreamscene by Claire Brennan

Claire Brennan’s work encompasses many mediums as she relishes in experimenting with a range of materials and learning new processes. Her artwork was initially an exploration of photography, progressing onto video pieces for her Fine Art degree; since then, she has been working a wide range of techniques into her portfolio, including printmaking, bookbinding, cyanotypes, and more recently experimenting with sculpture and digital art.

Inspired by nature, the human form, light, moments of joy and the human condition; at times, she combines mixed imagery for effect and also to express the duality of self. Claire sees a strong symbolic element with birds, so they have been a recent recurring theme within her pieces, and are a key feature in her Dreamscene exhibition.

Launch evening: 7.30pm - 11pm // Free Entry

Exhibition runs Upstairs: Tuesday 6th June - Sunday 2nd July

Visit: Upstairs Facebook Page

Please note: After 8pm, the Upstairs bar is for over 18's only.

Club and Group screenings

Tue 6th Jun 19.30 Upstairs at the Ritzy. Free Event.

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