SFFL 2017: Me And You And Everyone We Know

Utterly distinctive, visually inventive and ultimately moving, Miranda July's debut feature was supported by Sundance Institute's Directors and Screenwriters Labs and premiered at the 2005 Festival, taking the Special Jury Prize for originality of vision. A bittersweet love story revolving around a group of lost and heartbroken people, the film still dazzles with its offbeat tone, funny dialogue and impressive array of breakout performances from the likes of John Hawkes and July herself, who also wrote the film.

Club and Group screenings

Sat 3rd Jun 13.15 35mm: Playing from a 35mm print Redford Recommends: A showcase for 3 of most influential films that have been supported by Sundance Institute Labs or played the Sundance Film Festival over the years. Showing from 35mm prints. Sundance Film Festival: London.

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