Origins Festival: The New World

(USA / UK 2005. Dir: Terrence Malick. English and Algonquin. 135 mins)

2017 sees the 400th year anniversary of the death of Pocahontas, who died in Gravesend in 1617. To mark this anniversary, Border Crossings’ ORIGINS Festival screens one of the greatest films of the 21st Century – Terrence Malick’s THE NEW WORLD. It is a film of astounding elemental beauty, which re-imagines the meeting between Captain John Smith (Colin Farrell) and Powhatan princess Pocahontas (in a revelatory performance by Q’orianka Kilcher,) as a romantic idyll between spiritual equals. The action then follows Pocahontas as she marries John Rolfe (Christian Bale) and travels to England.

“with The New World cinema has reached its culmination, its apotheosis.” – The Guardian

Followed by a Q&A with Dakota Sioux historian Stephanie Pratt

Club and Group screenings

Sun 18th Jun 13.00 35mm: Showing from a glorious 35mm print

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