Molly's Game

The unmissable true story of Molly Bloom, aka the ‘Poker Princess’, who was willing to take on some of the world’s most powerful men in the murky world of underground gambling. With her career as an Olympic skier over after a serious injury, Molly Bloom (Chastain) finds work as a personal assistant on the Sunset Strip at the famous Viper Room. There her boss introduces her to the world of unlicensed poker. She quickly learns the ropes and is soon able to set up a rival game on the other side of town with the help of Player X (Cera). Some of LA’s most famous stars are attracted to her table, but trouble looms – not only from the mob but also from the FBI. Aaron Sorkin makes his directorial debut coupled with a trademark fast-paced script.

General admission screenings

Wed 13th Dec

Club and Group screenings

Tue 12th Dec E4 Slackers Club: Free screening exclusively for students. Visit to find out more.

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