LKFF 2018: Women's Shorts

Duration: 85 min

A Blind Alley
(Dir: Oh Suyeon, Cast: Oh Woori, Lee Haeun)
Moonyoung and Eunjae spend every moment together. They are the best of friends, so Eunjae is bewildered when Moonyoung’s behaviour suddenly changes due to an incident she won’t speak about. As Moonyoung avoids confiding in Eunjae, their conversations turn to sex, as girls at school gossip about a fellow classmate they believe to be a lesbian. Moonyoung tentatively shares hints of her sexuality with Eunjae. Their intense bond is tested as the pair navigate their relationship, desires and identities.

(Dir: Choi cho-Ah, Cast: Kim Si-Eun, Yoon Hae-bin)
Si-eun is the new teacher at a nursery school. She is immediately alarmed by the aggressively tactile behaviour of one of the little boys towards Seolha, a little girl. Si-eun’s self-control is destabilised by the echoes of a personal trauma, the nature of which is obscure and lingers menacingly. Her concerns about inappropriate behaviour are met with hostility from her colleagues, who uphold a strict and conspiratorial silence. Boundaries are overstepped as situations escalate and Si-eun’s secret threatens to reveal itself.

(Dir: Woo Gyeng-hee, Cast: Mun Hye-in, Han Hae-in)
When Hye-in returns to her former workplace to retrieve some documents for a job application she finds herself back in a den of toxic masculine energy: a place where women can be prodded, mocked and sent out to buy snacks. When assistant manager, Oh Jungeun, reveals she’s been sexually harassed and reaches out for her help, Hye-in is propelled into a moral dilemma. Amidst accusations from other women about Miss Oh’s behaviour, Hye-in is forced to re-evaluate her own motivations and truth.

Club and Group screenings

Mon 5th Nov 18.30 Ad and Trailer Free: No advertisements or trailers will play ahead of this screening. You are recommended to arrive promptly. LKFF 2018: Picturehouse Central welcomes back the London Korean Film Festival for their 13th edition.

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