LKFF 2018 - Special Focus Forum

Duration: 120 min

London Korean Film Festival Forum on Special Focus: A Slice of Everyday Life

Moderated by Danny Leigh
Speakers: Jang Byungwon, programmer of the Jeonju Film Festival, Kim Yang-hee (The Poet and the Boy), Yang Ik-June (Breathless), Colin O’Toole (Cowboy Dave).

In a time when cinema has become more and more of a vehicle for escapism, why do we still return to the stories of everyday lives? What is it about the work of Ken Loach, Yasujiro Ozu and Hong Sangsoo that continues to strike a chord with audiences around the world? This year’s panel discussion is dedicated to the festival’s special focus strand, ‘A Slice of Everyday Life’, which celebrates films that pay attention to the familiar yet poetic stories of ordinary people, capturing the intimate and subtle drama of our day-to-day existence. The forum will be an opportunity to hear from South Korean and UK film industry professionals, programmers and filmmakers alike, adding further context to the screenings included in the strand and shining a light on the idea of ‘everydayness’ on screen.

Club and Group screenings

Sat 3rd Nov 16.00 Ad and Trailer Free: No advertisements or trailers will play ahead of this screening. You are recommended to arrive promptly. LKFF 2018: Picturehouse Central welcomes back the London Korean Film Festival for their 13th edition.

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