LKFF 2018: Back from the Beat + Even No Shadow

Duration: 113 min

Back from the Beat (Introduced by Tony Rayns) (67 Mins)
Dir: Choi Changhwan,
Cast: Kwak Minkyu, Kim See-Eun, Park Jihong

Kwak Minkyu works afternoons as a food-delivery courier and works evenings playing the turntables in his friend Jihong’s bar Commune, where he’s known as “DJ Mingoos”. His girlfriend See-eun works (too hard) in a private art school and sticks with him because she loves his music. Both of them have their troubles at work and money is always short, but they truck along okay … until the day Minkyu stumbles into a conversation about employment rights and finds himself complaining about shortfalls in his wages. Big mistake! Choi Changhwan has form in this area: he worries that Korean laws are being circumvented and that people at the bottom of the ladder are suffering. But he frames these concerns as down-to-earth drama (no hectoring militancy here), and films his story in elegant widescreen compositions which anchor the likeable characters in their environments. Nice beats, too!

Even No Shadow (36 mins)
Dir: Choi Changhwan
Cast: Nguyen Dnc Thu, Mangala Sanjeewa Kodeethwskku, Choi Changhwan

Centred on immigrant workers from Vietnam and Sri Lanka, Choi’s heroic short goes deep into Korea’s ‘black economy’, where exploitation and injustice are rife and racist outbursts are just one too many shots of soju away. The storyline shuttles from Incheon to Daegu, where the social-activist priest Jang does his best to help the immigrants with their claims for compensation, severance pay and employment rights. Fine, eye-opening stuff, rather well acted by the non-pro cast – which includes Choi himself.

Club and Group screenings

Sun 4th Nov 17.20 LKFF 2018: Picturehouse Central welcomes back the London Korean Film Festival for their 13th edition.

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