Kelly Reichardt Retro: Old Joy + Wendy and Lucy

To coincide with the release of her acclaimed new film CERTAIN WOMEN, we take a look back at four of Kelly Reichardt's extraordinary films, renowned for their quiet power, stillness and moving central performances. Both double bills will be preceded by introductions.

Old Joy - A gentle study of masculinity and modern America, Reichardt's Sundance-winning Old Joy also offers a poignant, if minimalist, potrayal of friendship and the passage of time.

Wendy and Lucy - Wendy (Michelle Williams) is driving with her dog Lucy to Alaska, in the hope of a summer of lucrative work at the fish cannery. When her car breaks down in Oregon, the thin fabric of her financial situation come apart, and she faces a series of increasingly dire challenges.

Club and Group screenings

Sun 26th Feb 13.00 Kelly Reichardt Retrospective: Coinciding with the release of her accalimed new film Certain Women.

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