Gloria (1980)

Dir. John Cassavetes. 1980.

Rowlands garnered an Oscar nomination for her fierce portrayal as an ex-mob mistress who takes care of a young boy after his family is wiped out by the Mafia. Gloria must rely on all her street-savvy to prevent bother herself and the boy from being the mobster's next target.

Screening from a glorious 35mm print. Please note, there may be some colour degradation.

Club and Group screenings

Mon 27th Feb 18.45 35mm: Showing from a glorious 35mm print Ad Free: No advertisements or trailers will play ahead of this screening. You are recommended to arrive promptly. Kicking Ass: Middle Aged Women On Screen: Each screening is preceded by an award winning short film from the Women Over Fifty Film Festival. Plus short film Belle and Emma: Belle and Emma's grandmother-granddaughter relationship shows us not only what the old can teach the young, but what the younger generation has to share with their elders.

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