Fashion in Film Festival: Last Year in Marienbad

France, Italy 1961. Dir. Alain Resnais.
With Delphine Seyrig, Giorgio Albertazzi, Sacha Pitoëff.
Costumes Bernard Evein, Seyrig’s costumes by Coco Chanel.

With a post-screening conversation between fashion scholar Caroline Evans and journalist Alex Fury, plus a surprise guest.

This masterpiece of 1960s art cinema sets its mediation on time, memory and longing within the most fashionable of locations – the Marienbad spa and its endless corridors and manicured gardens (the film was in fact shot in and around the Bavarian palaces of Nymphenburg, Schleissheim and Amalienburg). Perhaps no film has so profoundly challenged the viewer with a truly ambiguous approach to time, where truth mingles with lie, and chronology blurs with fantasy. Delphine Seyrig’s costumes, designed by (the uncredited) Coco Chanel, create an image of dreamy elegance and sophistication, and, ultimately, of ungraspable desire. From pared-down black and metallic dresses to delicate chiffons, tulle and lace, to an extraordinary use of white and black plumes, Seyrig floats through the film, presenting a fashion show counterpoint to its cerebral narrative. While Resnais wanted to evoke the allure of 1920s cinema stars, his film ironically defined a new fashionable look for the ’60s, allowing past and present come together.

This event is part of ‘Wearing Time: Past, Present, Future, Dream’, the 10th Anniversary season of the Fashion in Film Festival. Between 11 - 26 March the festival returns with an exciting London-wide season of film screenings, talks, events and an exhibition exploring the connections between fashion, film and time. Probing into four different conceptions of time: past, present, future and dream, the programme asks what concrete manifestations of time fashion and clothing enable.

Club and Group screenings

Thu 16th Mar 21.00 Fashion in Film Festival.

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