Ben Wheatley in Focus: Kill List + Don't Look Now

Film writer Adam Nayman, author of 'Ben Wheatley: Confusion and Carnage', introduces a special double bill.

'When Ben Wheatley's hallucinatory thriller Kill List was released in 2011, reviewers were quick to compare it to The Wicker Man even though it showed the influence of another early-70s classic: Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now. Both films are jagged jigsaw puzzles that don't show their true face until the final piece falls into place; what Wheatley takes from Roeg is not just a restless, elliptical editing scheme but a genuine sense of tragedy that deepens on repeat viewings. Watching these two masterpieces of British genre cinema side-by-side reveals similarities that both honour Don't Look Now's massive influence and suggest Kill List as a candidate for early entry into the art-horror canon.' Adam Nayman.

General admission screenings

Sun 9th Apr

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