Bait + Director Q&A

Director: Mark Jenkin
Starring: Morgan Val Baker, Georgia Ellery, Chloe Endean, Stacey Guthrie, Martin Ellis
Duration: 134 min

Shot on 16-mm black-and-white film and processed by hand, Bait tells a stark story rooted in local culture and community, and of how these marginal places are facing up to a changing world.

Martin Ward is a cove fisherman, without a boat. His brother Steven has re-purposed their father’s vessel as a tourist tripper, driving a wedge between the brothers. With their childhood home now a getaway for London money, Martin is displaced to the estate above the picturesque harbour. As his struggle to restore the family to their traditional place creates increasing friction with tourists and locals alike, a tragedy at the heart of the family changes his world.

“Intriguing and unexpectedly watchable… an adventure in zero-budget analogue cinema” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Club and Group screenings

Thu 29th Aug 18.30 Ad and Trailer Free: No advertisements or trailers will play ahead of this screening. You are recommended to arrive promptly. + Q&A : This screening will be followed by a Q&A.

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