The Wedding Present: Something Left Behind + Q&A

Duration: 90 min

A film exploring music, obsession, love, loss and fading youth over the 30 year lifespan of The Wedding Present’s much-heralded debut LP.

Something Left Behind tells the story of a record that has come to define youth in the minds of so many and has been labelled the “greatest break-up album of all time”.

Featuring interviews with all four original band members, key players in the record’s history plus the major influence behind its very existence, the film also follows the album’s story through the eyes of the fans who have carried it with them for a lifetime.

The story concludes with the band’s homecoming show in Leeds. The city witnessed a blistering and emotional final-ever performance of the album and the closing of a hugely significant and personal chapter for David Gedge and The Wedding Present.

The screening will be followed with a Q&A with director Andrew Jezard, plus special guest David Gedge of The Wedding Present.

Club and Group screenings

Sat 15th Dec 16.45 Picturehouse Docs: Bringing you the best in new and topical documentaries covering issues around the world.

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