The Burying Party

Director: Richard Weston
Duration: 90 min

After the screening there will be a Q&A with director Richard Weston hosted by Liverpool Pride.

Richard Weston’s The Burying Party, featuring Matthew Staite tells the fascinating story of the Wilfred Owen’s final year on earth, 100 years after his tragic death in World War One. The war was a turning for point in the journey towards liberation for LGBT people, and our screening is a chance to discuss Wilfred Owen's work as part of this process, and as a lasting memorial to those lost. Owen's sexuality has always been a matter of debate, necessarily hidden in a time when homosexuality was criminalised, but he is generally recognised as the greatest of our WW1 poets, far more interested in the "pity of war" than any form of glorification.

General admission screenings

Mon 26th Nov

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