Seven Days In January

This 1979 political drama is a reconstruction of the tragic events of January 1977 known as the Massacre of Atocha, when right-wing extremists stormed the offices of a group of employment lawyers with links to the Spanish Communist Party, leaving 5 dead and 4 gravely injured. The attack, carried out in the name of La Triple A (Anti-Communist Apostolic Alliance), was the most serious incident during the transición to democracy in Spain, a period of extreme socio-political agitation. The film aligns itself with the theory that there was a so-called “strategy of tension” intended to destabilise the fledgling democracy and provoke a coup d’état.

Part of States of Danger and Deceit: European Political Thrillers in the 1970s, a touring season presented by HOME, Manchester. Programme curated by Andy Willis, Reader in Film Studies at the University of Salford and Senior Visiting Curator: Film at HOME, produced by Rachel Hayward, HOME’s Film Programme Manager, and coordinated by Jessie Gibbs, HOME Film Team. Presented with the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery.

Club and Group screenings

Wed 8th Nov 18.30 Northwest Labour Fim Festival: Northwest Labour Film Festival

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