Director: Joel Hopkins.
Starring: Diane Keaton, Brendan Gleeson, Lesley Manville. UK 2017. 103 mins.

While looking out over the unspoilt parkland of Hampstead Heath from her attic window, American widow Emily Waters (Keaton) calls the police when she sees an unkempt man, Donald Horner (Gleeson), being attacked by thugs outside a ramshackle hut. Curious about the man she helped save from afar, she ventures out the next day to visit him and discovers that he has lived wild on the Heath for 17 years. As ruthless property developers adopt heavy-handed tactics to remove him from the area he calls home, an unlikely friendship – and then a romance – begins to blossom. With Last Chance Harvey, director Joel Hopkins demonstrated his talent for chronicling unlikely relationships, and his affinity for the Hampstead area adds resonance to this heartwarmingly quirky love story.

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Mon 26th Jun 20.00 HOH Subtitled: This screening has subtitles for people with hearing loss

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