Director: Mohamed Diab.
Starring: Nelly Karim, Hany Adel. Egypt/France/Germany 2016. 97 mins. Arabic with English subtitles.

Egypt’s turbulent recent social upheavals, which saw Hosni Mubarak’s decades-long rule come to an end in a people-led revolution in 2011, is the focus of Mohamed Diab’s gripping new film, Clash. The nation’s most prominent cultural commentator, Diab co-wrote the screenplay for this powerful piece about his home nation’s troubles with his younger brother Khaled. Set almost entirely within the confines of a police truck, Clash is claustrophobic, hard-hitting and fuelled by an ambitious scope that belies its minimal setting. The emotionally and physically heated occupants of the police truck are made up of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Army supporters and factionless troublemakers whose deep-seated differences are, unsurprisingly, exacerbated by the position they find themselves in. Set in 2013 during the period when the Muslim Brotherhood were ousted from power, Clash performed strongly at its domestic box office, and reaches these shores promising a confrontational, highly charged vision of contemporary Egypt.

The Discover Tuesday presentation of the film will be preceded by a short film in conjunction with Random Acts.


Oscar-nominated composer Mica Levi and acclaimed choreographer Holly Blakey collaborate on this electric portrait of Nandi Bhebhe.

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