Duration: 120 min

Widescreen Weekend is a unique festival of large-screen formats and cinema technologies celebrating the past, present and future of film. Enjoy a long weekend of big, bold and wide cinema experiences—glorious 70mm screenings, new Cinerama restorations and great guests will remind you why going to the movies is so magical! Pass holders will receive access to all screenings and events, including the Opening Night reception.

Supporter Pass:

If you would like to go the extra reel and be part of keeping the magic of cinema alive, then we invite you to become a ‘supporter’ of the Widescreen Weekend Festival.

Other than our heartfelt gratitude, this pass brings no extra benefits that the standard delegate pass. It does however help bring more WOW moments to the festival. More supporter passes means more film on film in the programme.

If you want to share your passion for analogue film and want to play your part in keeping archive cinema experiences accessible, then please consider being a supporter.

Club and Group screenings

Thu 11th Oct 10.30 Widescreen Weekend: A unique celebration of boundary-pushing technology and spectacular large format films

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