Seven Wonders Of The World

Director: Tay Garnett Andrew Marton Paul Mantz Ted Tetzlaff Walter Thompson
Starring: Paul Mantz, Lowell Thomas
Duration: 121 min

Lowell Thomas beckons you to join him on a far-flung adventure. the screen opens wide to reveal three panels of crystal clear picture accompanied by rich stereophonic sound as you fly alongside Hollywood stunt pilot Paul Mantz and the Cinerama crew, travelling the globe in search of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Cinerama was an ultra-wide film format created in 1952 to be the ultimate in immersive cinema. It used three 35mm film strips to gather a huge quantity of information, in order to create a sharp, finely detailed image. The three films would then be projected onto a 146° curved screen to fill viewers’ field of vision. The aim was to immerse the audience in their film experience, in much the same way as modern IMAX or 3D.

The National Science and Media Museum is one of only three public venues in the world that can show Cinerama. You haven’t visited us until you’ve seen it!

Club and Group screenings

Wed 7th Mar 18.15 Cinerama (Digital): This film will be screened in digital Cinerama.

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