Mysteries of the Unseen World IMAX 3D

The naked eye perceives only a fraction of what there is to see on Earth; we are surrounded by things that are either too fast, too slow or too small for us to observe.

Using time-lapse photography and nanotechnology, this spectacular film takes a closer look at a universe of creatures, processes and phenomena you never even knew existed – such as the flight of a dragonfly, the bacteria living on our bodies and even the invisible rays of light which surround us all.

'A visual feast, Mysteries of the Unseen World introduces viewers to the latest advances in scientific cinematography, made all the more impressive by 3D and IMAX. Sure to be a mainstay of school outings, this National Geographic release is more fun than educational.'

(Film Journal International)

Club and Group screenings

Mon 22nd May 12.00 IMAX 45: Educational and entertaining IMAX 3D documentary shorts for the whole family. IMAX: The world's most immersive cinema experience. Go premium for the best seat in the house.

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