Alone in Berlin

Director: Vincent Perez.
Starring: Emma Thompson, Brendan Gleeson, Daniel Brühl. UK/France/Germany 2016. 103 mins.

Based on a true story, Hans Fallada’s bestselling novel Alone In Berlin was described by Primo Levi as “the greatest book ever written about German resistance to the Nazis.” Vincent Perez brings this powerful story to the big screen in an atmospheric film that boasts outstanding performances from its three leads. After learning that their only son has died in battle, and witnessing the persecution of an old Jewish woman living in their building, a working-class couple in Berlin (Gleeson and Thompson) risk execution with an extraordinary act of rebellion. They begin printing and circulating postcards attacking the Nazi regime, hoping to inspire others to take a stand. But in a city paralysed by fear, the postcards soon end up in the hands of Gestapo officer Escherich (Brühl), and so a dangerous game of cat and mouse unfolds.
Contains moderate violence, threat, injury detail.

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