Tom Of Finland

Director: Dome Karujoski.
Starring: Pekka Strang, Jessica Grabowsky, Lauri Tilkanen. Finland/Sweden/Denmark/Germany/USA 2017. 116 mins.

The third and most impressive bio-pic of homoerotic Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen (Strang), aka Tom of Finland, reaches the screen courtesy of that country’s much fêted director, Dome Karujoski (The Grump) and his regular co-screenwriter, Aleksi Bardy. It’s the true story of decorated soldier Laaksonen who returns from the Second World War to find gay men like himself subject to vilification and persecution. Comforted by his artist sister (Grabowsky), he puts all his energies into highly stylised, boldly machismo drawings of men which achieve iconic status within the gay community, though not without threats of prosecution and censure. Even his sister feels they sometimes go too far. Strang, Grabowsky and Lauri Tilkanen as Touko’s much younger long-term lover all deliver sensitive, nuanced performances in this highly affecting film.

General admission screenings

Fri 18th Aug
Sun 20th Aug
Thu 24th Aug

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